What others are saying about our shop heaters:

What others are saying about our boilers:


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Testimonials - Shop Heaters

"Proctor has a 5,200 square foot municipal garage and the Biomass combustion system that was installed serves our heating needs fully. The variable drive frequency allows the amount of heat forced into the area to be adjusted to our needs and current temperature within the garage. We are very pleased with the Biomass product and would recommend the system to anyone in need of an efficient, easy to operate wood furnace".

Brian Sanderson, Road Commissioner for the Town of Proctor, Vermont

“It has paid for itself ten times over during the fourteen years we have owned it. PR Truss has four plants and four burners. I would certainly recommend it to anyone”.

Kerry Rogers, P&R Truss

“Fits our needs because we burn all the wood which is non saleable any other way. The heat is a great value because we can heat to room temperature. We have no back up in the shop.”

Eric Miller, Sawmiller

"It only takes a couple of minutes to load and it is the only heat we have in the plant. Over the 14 years we have had the furnace it has saved us a lot of money.”

Bob Anderson, Anderson Manufacturing

“Turns scraps into BTUs. Heats our 21,000 square foot 1901 building. We paid for our furnace in just a couple of years and that was when gas prices were lower”.

Dave Korzuck, Michigan Ladder

“The biggest benefit is that we burn the wood scraps year around that would have gone into the dumpster and cost us money to dispose. The heat is an additional benefit. After ten years of daily use it is still in great shape… Can’t be any easier to operate.”

Chris Bolda, H. A. Davidson Box Company

“We have put the burner through its paces. We have it going 24 hours a day/5 days a week. We use it to dry logs”.

Mick Drum, Lakeland Mills

“Slicker than a whistle. . . we are trying to find a place to put another one”

Clinton Bauer, Baco Corporation

“The BCS furnace heats our building at virtually no cost to us and actually saves us about $1,500 per month from October to March.”

Greg Burroughs, Ferrous Manufacturing – Lackawanna, NY

“About 5 years ago another company close by bought one and we saw what they got from its use and we bought. We have reduced our costs by 59% and we are warmer to boot."

Ted Price, Midtown Services, truck repair service - Cleveland, OH

“We replaced an existing furnace with one from Biomass; we are saving $5,000 a year in heating costs. The installation was a breeze and they stand by their product.”

Bill Neeb, Teton Truss, truss manufacturer – Etna, WY

“They take care of me. I like Charlie very much; he is very responsive and has always been very helpful.”

Dave Thomas, Dextron Enterprise, wooden crate manufacturer - Rock Island, IL

“We would still use the BCS furnace even if we were not in the wood business; we save about $2,400 per month in the winter.”

Paul Keech, Paul's Tree Service, tree removal company - Southfield MI


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